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Damian Jones Consulting offers independent consultancy services to multi-national corporates and SME's. With a rapidly changing business landscape, it is necessary for businesses today to establish their brand as the best in the market and at the same time transform their systems to support and launch new services continuously across multiple channels of communication.


Delivering innovative programmes from inception to delivery, and preparing for change; maximising return and minimising risk.

Specialist knowledge of suppliers, system capability and new technologies.

Strategic planning and client support in major business development initiatives, including strategic review, contract negotiations, and technical evaluation.

Experience in technical design, procurement, and solution deployment gives Damian Jones a unique ability to follow through planning advice into successful execution; enabling clients to enhance loyalty and customer satisfaction by transforming customer contact processes and systems.

Damian Jones assists clients in preparing for major organisational change or project implementation; helping maximise returns and minimise risk by using a depth and breadth of experience in Telecoms and IT. We work to understand the business requirements, and tailor the approach to deliver the programme or project.

Case Study

Damian Jones was engaged by a leading energy supplier within a business transformation programme for residential customers and small businesses. The business operates five customer contact centres and receives up to 18,000 calls in the busy hour.

Latest Projects

Red Hot Property.co.uk are a rapidly expanding firm of estate agents who provide a dramatically alternative approach towards marketing and selling a property. Damian Jones provided technical and procurement advice for an infrastructure expansion project.